Poster mocked up on bus waiting center.
What Is Better Civics?
Better Civics is a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization that aims to boost civic engagement and voter participation. Organization founder, Jen Dover, prompted students to create a campaign that urges change and improvement throughout the city and its communities. 
What Is 311?
Philadelphia's underutilized service hotline, 311, allows citizens to self-report issues such as trash, potholes, accessibility issues, and much more. This hotline has intentions to resolve reported issues, however; is not as reliable and efficient as a city-run system should be. My project uses guerrilla marketing to bring attention to issues by overwhelming the issue with stickers, making the issue unavoidable by the city. The stickers inform citizens to call "311", the city’s non-emergency hotline, and scan a QR code to learn more about the mission!
Bandage styled stickers on sticker roll.
My Solution
I decided to base my sticker designs to be reminiscent of a bandage. This highly familiar object is quickly recognizable and immediately coveys a message based on association. When viewers take a closer look, they can see that the bandage-shaped sticker is urging action to help solve a temporary issue, very similar to what humans use real bandages for- a temporary issue. Implementing the iconic Better Civics color palette into the design creates brand awareness and recognition. This recognition is also implemented through the logo acting as breathability holes seen on standard bandages. Lastly, using a QR code enhances the public experience and increases accessibility to the mission being presented.
Instagram post mockups on phones.
Hand holding phone show casing the brands Instagram page.
Brands website with image mocked up on a desk top showing landing page.
Poster promoting campaign mocked up on sign.
Illustrated sticker alternatives and brands logo alternating to form a pattern.
Institution: Tyler School of Art and Architecture
Art Direction: Bryan Satalino
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